Sorry for the lack of updates, this semester is pretty intense as I’m involved in creating designs for the Gold Thimble Fashion Show for my school.  After a little prodding from my friend Sinclaire, who said that showing the process of design along the way would be much more fun for the readers than a deluge at the end, I’ve decided to post my entries as I go along.

My first entry for the fashion show was a swimsuit and coverup. The constraints were that the theme was “Magical Islands” (whatever that really means. lol) and the coverup had to be see-through and calf-length.  This was the winning “Fire Island” (lol) sketch agreed on by both my teacher and me….20120926-144959.jpg

Since I felt that cutouts and bikinis could get hoochie in a hurry if it didn’t fit a model quite right, I decided to go a little retro.  There were a lot of cheap swimsuit fabrics in the Fashion District in downtown LA, but since most of those were very thin and would require lining the whole inside (and bulkier seams),  I decided to bite the bullet for a more expensive opaque Lycra fabric. Quality wins.


The pleating was the hardest to get right, as it was super easy for the pleats to become uneven. As you can see in the sketch the bra portion didn’t have as many pieces , but in order for the top portion of the bodice to provide coverage and support, I had to add another curve to the top of the bra and to stiffen the Lycra with fusible interlining.


The criss-cross straps in the back provides an extra function of support to the bra, in addition to providing a little added interest. I decided I liked the clean lines rather than a continuation of the pleating in the back (as shown in the sketch).


For the coverup, I found this amazing red, black and gold see-through burnout fabric at Michael Levine’s.  It reminded me of a Parisian bohemian in her boudoir, so I went with a cocoon shape with pleating reminiscent of the 1930’s.





I did have a “make it work” moment the night before the deadline, as I realized I was short on the amount of fabric I needed for the coverup because of the kimono sleeves. However, thanks to my teacher Mr Alcala who helped me devise a workaround, I was able to finish it with a result that I was happy with.

If you’re interested in coming to the fashion show, then save the date: December 7th at 7pm at LA Trade Tech!